In an effort to fulfill our mission, we have partnered with the following organizations, and they have been instrumental in helping us continue in our ever expanding quest to reach our goals... promoting literacy and a healthy lifestyle for children in need, by providing them with books and bikes... shrinking the "Summer Gap/Slide":

  • Ardito, Toscano, McCollum PC

  • Bates, Chamberlain CPAs

  • Bernardin Law Firm

  • Billerica Police Department

  • Billerica Public Library

  • Billerica School Department

  • Cabot Corporation

  • Clearmotion

  • CTI (Community Teamwork, Inc.

  • DCU (Digital Credit Union)

  • Eastern Bank

  • Eaglepoint Investment Advisors

  • E Ink Corporation

  • EMD Serono

  • Eastern Bank

  • Enterprise Bank

  • Greater Lowell Community Foundation

  • Kronos

  • Lowell Five

  • Lowell Police

  • Marshalls Auto Body

  • Millepore Sigma

  • Mocera, Hamlin Associates CPAs LLP

  • The Saab Foundation

  • The Salem Five Bank

  • Scholastic Literary Partner

  • Votze Butler Associates, Inc.


  • Washington Savings Bank

All Donations are Tax Deductible

On The Move, Inc. has reached out to many organizations within the Greater Merrimack Valley Region to explore opportunities that we can work together to help these children.  These organizations include (but are not limited to):

  • Other organizations servicing these children in the Greater Merrimack Valley Region

  • Other non-profit organizations

  • Police Departments

  • School Departments

  • Town Halls & Libraries

  • Food Pantries

  • Business Organizations

  • Radio and Television Personalities

  • Government Officials

All Donations are Tax Deductible