Delivering Books

Our goal is not to deliver quantities of books; it is to purchase and deliver specific books requested by the specialists who work with these children (which align with the teachers’ curriculum).  By giving them these specific books, the teachers (in the Fall, when the children return) can test and evaluate… determining the success of the program.

To date, we have purchased and delivered over 30,000 books to various groups in the Greater Merrimack Valley.


Additionally, we have also purchased and delivered over 20 Chromebooks for the Dutile School in Billerica. Through funding from E Ink Corp, we worked closely with Principal Christine Balzotti and Reading Specialist Lisa Follows to produce multiple kits for the 3rd graders to take home and read during Summer vacation… helping to bridge the “Summer Gap/Slide”. 


The results are in; this is working!  (Click here to see school testimonials) We shall continue to provide books (and Chromebooks) to as many schools in the Greater Merrimack Valley as we can.  Our reach is only limited by our funding.

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Delivering Bikes

In addition to the requests for various sizes of bikes, we also had a request for a specialized bike for the Project Support Preschool of Billerica (see below). We delivered all promised bicycles, locks and helmets (60) to those agencies who submitted requests, including the special bike. All recipients were grateful and thrilled! We plan to provide more bikes and take part in more Safety Bike Clinics and Rodeos.  

Distribution "A New Way"

Project Support Preschool

Specialized Bike

pre K Bike.jpg

In an effort to reach as many children as possible, we are willing to try unconventional methods.  We participated (successfully, we are glad to report) in a program to provide the Lowell Police with books for their patrol car trunks.  They could take these to various children's events... movie nights, playground events, etc.  Kids could pick out books to take home, as well as packages containing baseball, football and PokeMan cards... anything that might get them reading.  This experiment's success was two-fold.  Children saw the police in a very positive way, AND they had their very own books to take home and read!  Click here to see our photos of the police and children from these events.


Our relocation has allowed us to not only serve the town of our origin (Billerica), but also expand our reach further into other cities and towns located in the Greater Merrimack Valley (Lowell, for example).

   Unconventional??  Maybe, but it works!

         Getting Books to Kids via LPD Community Movie Nights

All Donations are Tax Deductible