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The Mission of On The Move, Inc. is two fold: 

  1.  To promote literacy for Community Children in Need by providing them with books.

  2.  To also promote a healthy lifestyle for these children by providing them with bikes.

!!! Achieving Goals !!!
With the help of our supporters, On The Move, Inc. has delivered over 30,000 requested new books to children in preschool through 4th grade.  We are one third of the way toward our goal of 100,000 books by 2025.
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    !!!   BREAKING NEWS  !!!  
Rowdy 2

OTMINC is proud to announce an exciting new program!

OTMINC, Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union and UMASS Lowell have developed a program called "READING WITH ROWDY".  

The UMASS Lowell mascot, 'Rowdy the River Hawk', and some of his friends from the Merrimack Valley Area will read aloud a series of specially designed story books for children! 


Videos of these readings are being created by Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union and UMASS Lowell.  They will be made available to OTMINC's Partner elementary and preschools, as well as all other elementary schools in Lowell. These will be used for remote learning, or in the classrooms.  OTMINC will provide a copy of some of these books to the children, so that they can simultaneously read along. 

Rowdy 1
rowdy 3

For more information, please click here and read our official press release.

All Donations are Tax Deductible